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Il Trenino dei Sogni

Enjoy “Natale delle Meraviglie” experience in San Marino City Centre with the easily shuttle service Trenino dei Sogni.

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Shuttle service to “Natale delle Meraviglie” in San Marino City Centre.

A route between San Marino and Borgo Maggiore and landscapes with multilingual audio-guide

The oldest Republic in the world, 61 km2, a small State that for more than 1700 years is been independent, a population that throughout history has proved to be wise and worth of its territorial extension.

On 301 a.d. dates back to the foundation of a small community of Christians persecuted for their faith and gathered around a stonecutter Dalmatian Marino.

Since then, between history and legend, it developed a sovereign State, nowadays a member of the Council of Europe and of the United Nations, but still very much tied to its origins and traditions.

Napoleon Bonaparte understood it and offered gifts and friendship to the small Republic, but the offer of territorial expansion was refused by the inhabitants, deemed too risky. The value of San Marino was also understood by the General Giuseppe Garibaldi, who, during the fighting for the unification of Italy, took refuge in San Marino with thousands of soldiers.

We can’t even forget the words of the American President Abraham Lincoln that demonstrated its goodwill by writing to the Captains Regent “… while your domain is small, however your state is one of the most honored of all history … “.


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A journey that will give you the opportunity to relive, through the audio guide narrative, the history of the oldest Republic of the World in 11 different languages.

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Shuttle service

Shuttle service by reservation to the lower town till upper town of the center of the town.

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The SAN MARINO BY TRAIN is equipped with electric footrest and space to accommodate passengers in wheelchairs on board.


It is possible, rather recommended, reserve groups to organize in the best possible way the ride in the “BY TRAIN” SAN MARINO


Find out how to reach us in San Marino by using our own vehicles or by using the numerous linebuses available from Rimini.


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