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Dotto Trains - Sirius Euro 5 with frame supporting structure
in steel section


Fiberglass-reinforced and colours incorporated into gelcoat. The locomotive is equipped with 2 comfortable, upholstered and fully adjustable seats.


VM Diesel, EURO 5, 4 cylinders, displacement 2970 cc., 101 HP (SAE) at 3,000 rpm, Max torque 340 Nm at 1,400 rpm.


6 way mechanic + reverse.


Mechanical transmission system on rear axle with epicyclic gears wheel hubs.


Parabolic leaf spring front suspension, rear air suspension with hydraulic dampers.


Hydraulic disk brakes front and rear drum brakes with vacuum. Mechanical parking brake. Pneumatic hydraulic converter for brake control cabs. Pneumatic braking circuit for coaches.


Hydraulic servo assisted.


You can use up to a maximum of 3 cars at the same time. Each carriage carrying 20 passengers. The third carriage in tail is equipped with platform for handicapped.

If you are using the space provided by a disability and his/her accompanying the passenger capacity is reduced to 13 seats + handicap, otherwise 18 seats.

You can easily add or remove the coaches. With 3 carriages can carry up to 58 passengers with disabilities only 53+1.

and Certification ISO 9001

In addition to reliability and technological innovation, the Dotto respects the standards prescribed by the regulations UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008, using a quality management system which aims to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system and all of its processes.

The Dotto is not only engaged in the ISO certification, but also and especially in the approval of products, which are manufactured in accordance with regulations of the country in which they operate and tested by the TUEV certification.

Every step of our production is subjected to rigorous testing to ensure high standards of quality and safety, respect for the environment, etc., in keeping with the strict regulations in force in Europe and worldwide, starting from the approval of the German TUEV, up to standards-stricter requirements imposed by certain national law.

All this considering the train from the point of view of “Train/Vehicle” that from the standpoint of “Train/Attraction”.

Various vehicle are constructed, tested, try out and approved according to their precise use, both nationally and internationally. Comply with the directives laid down by the approval authorities allows the duct to be present in all markets of the world.

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