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An experience to live to know
San Marino and Borgo Maggiore

sites included in the UNESCO World Heritage

The new train no longer uses the tracks, but travels on wheels on part of the old route between San Marino and Borgo Maggiore in the Giro Turistico and with the shuttle service it allows you to easily reach the castles on Monte Titano.

Shuttle Service
to the Castles

Get on the train from the lower part of the historic centre, comfortably reach the upper part of the castles and descend through the medieval districts by easily visiting the pedestrian area of the historic centre.

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A journey between San Marino
and Borgo Maggiore

A journey that will give you the opportunity to relive the history, nature and landscapes of the oldest Republic in the world, through narration with an audio guide in 11 different languages.

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Our exclusive services

The SAN MARINO BY TRAIN is equipped with electric footrest and space to accommodate passengers in wheelchairs on board.

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It is possible, rather recommended, reserve groups to organize in the best possible way the ride in the “BY TRAIN” SAN MARINO

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Find out how to reach us in San Marino by using our own vehicles or by using the numerous linebuses available from Rimini.

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