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Organize your sightseeing tour in the Republic with the exclusive





10:30 am - 04:15 pm

from Piazzale Calcigni (Park 1BUS)


If you intend to deepen your visit to San Marino, do not miss the opportunity to take the tourist tour with the little train.

A journey, lasting 40 minutes, which will give you the opportunity to travel through places that cannot be visited otherwise.

Through the narration with audio guide, you will relive the history of the oldest Republic in the world in 11 different languages.

You will thus have the opportunity to appreciate Mount Titano and Borgo Maggiore - sites included in the UNESCO World Heritage - crossing the mountain inside railway tunnels no longer used following the bombings on the Rimini - San Marino railway line during the Second World War.

Get on the train, take the sightseeing tour and decide whether to take the cable car that will take you to the top of the San Marino mountain or to continue the tour with the train.
Go down among the medieval districts and in a short time you will be back where you started!


For groups over 25 paying people possibility to organize the service at personalized times by calling 0549.903854 or by sending an email to: info@busbenedettini.com




Adult € 7,00

Children (4 - 14 years) € 5,00

Children (0 - 3 years) Free

Interno galleria di Borgo Maggiore dove transita il by Train San Marino

The Galleries ... Stories To Live

"Welcome to the ancient land of freedom" is the phrase that welcomes you into the borders of the Republic of San Marino: land of liberty and hospitality, which has never denied the right of asylum and assistance regardless of political or religious ideas. 

The neutrality that has characterized the Republic on many occasions had no exceptions during World War II, when San Marino declared itself not involved in the conflict but its 15.000 inhabitamts offered aitsylum in tunnels more than 100.000 displaced people in the district during the passage of the battlefront along the Gothic line.

Borgo Maggiore: vista panoramica centro storico e portici

Borgo Maggiore Unesco World Heritage Site

Since 2008 the historical centre of San Marino and Borgo Maggiore are recognized among the Unesco World Heritage sites: San Marino is the oldest Republic in the world and the only city-states that subsists, representing an important milestone of the development of democratic models in Europe and throughout the world.
Borgo Maggiore is one of the nine Castles of the Republic, the second by number of inhabitants, its construction dates back to the 12th century with the name of Mercatale: testimony of the time are the small squares and porticos below which, according to an ancient tradition, it still plays regularly, every Thursday, the market.
In foto: Vista di San Marino, passo delle streghe salita alla prima torre

San Marino - Between history and legend

The oldest Republic in the world, 61 km2, a small State that for more than 1700 years is been independent, a population that throughout history has proved to be wise and worth of its territorial extension. 

On 301 a.d. dates back to the foundation of a small community of Christians persecuted for their faith and gathered around a stonecutter Dalmatian Marino. 

Since then, between history and legend, it developed a sovereign State, nowadays a member of the Council of Europe and of the United Nations, but still very much tied to its origins and traditions.

Borgo Maggiore partenza della Funivia

Borgo Maggiore departure of the cable car

For those who wish, after having visited the historic center of Borgo Maggiore with the train, it is possible to get off at the stop of the cable car station that will take you to the top of the San Marino mountain ..... time you will go back to where you started !!! Buy the discounted ticket for the Borgo Maggiore - San Marino cableway from the on-board staff.