The SAN MARINO BY TRAIN is equipped with electric footrest and space to accommodate passengers in wheelchairs on board


If the supply of electric train platform was strongly desired by Elia’s Tour, the installation was made possible only thanks to the donation of Banca di San Marino and San Marino that Leasing, as always, have specifically supported the initiative in favor of people with limited physical faculties.

The platform is very simple in its use in a few minutes is granted a service that for many people is extremely important.

Sometimes people must not necessarily be sitting on a wheelchair to have the need for easy access BY TRAIN to SAN MARINO.

On several occasions, the service is also provided to those who have different problems in walking, legs or even for those who are overweight.

In these cases, in addition to using the supply to rise, you have the possibility to take advantage of the larger spaces that the position of the seats has in this specific area of the train.

For the disabled and his companion the service is provided free of charge.